Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Videos!

Inspired by a tutoring session, I have some new vidoes.

First is a two part series about how we can represent a function in different ways.


One of the things I see when I tutor Algebra is that there is a disconnect between the graph of a function and the equation of a function. What I aim to do is show that we can use different methods to present the same function. In the second video, I go on to show how we can extract information about the function, like the slope and the intercepts from the different forms of the function.

The other video I put up is just running through a way to solve for x and y intercepts of a line, if all we are given is a chart of values.


This will probably be all of the videos I post this week, as I am preparing for my in-person interview to try to be a member of Ada Developers Academy winter cohort!

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